Citibank Secured Credit Card

After much researching and searching information for the Citibank Secured Credit Card we have concluded that the card just isn't available online so therefore isn't an option anymore. We aren't really sure what has happened with this particular option over the years. It seems that they used to have the option of applying for the Citibank Secured Credit Card online before. Then some time later, they made it where you had to print the application online to bring into your local branch to apply. Then they removed to option for printing the application for the Citibank Secured Credit Card. Now, you can't even find the Citibank Secured Credit Card as one of the cards listed on their site. So, rather than us give you information for a card that once was, we will give you information on one of the same banks most popular options. Without further delay we will begin to tell you of the AAdvantage Credit Card from the same bank that formerly had the Citibank Secured Credit Card.

There are so many more perks that are available with this card which is why more people have been applying and receiving this particular card option. For every single dollar that you spend a dollar with your AAdvantage Credit Card you will gain 1.5 miles credited into your travel account. A lot of other cards of this kind don't give as much as this one does in this area. You will do the most with this card only if you really know how to take advantage of gaining your miles quickly. There are also a lot of other great benefits to this card that will cause you to see it as worthy as many others have.


There are also some bonus miles that are going to be given for each cardholder of the AAdvantage Credit Card. In order to gain the bonus miles you would have to be able to spend $1,000 with your AAdvantage Credit Card within three months of card issues. If you are able to accomplish that task, they will give you a bonus of 30,000 miles just as their effort of saying thank you for using their AAdvantage Credit Card. They are of course hoping you will use these bonus miles toward a tripod of your choice also booked using your AAdvantage Credit Card if you will also fly using American Airlines. Any other purchase outside of their specified purchases with American Airlines, you will get a mile added to your account for every dollar charged with your AAdvantage Credit Card. There are lots of preferred retailers which they notify you of that you can use to get more points when you use your AAdvantage Credit Card on purchases with them.

Whether you spend a lot or a little, you will still be able to find a great way to benefit from using the AAdvantage Credit Card. Because the AAdvantage Credit Card can work for so many different income classes, there are so many people from all around who are drawn to what the AAdvantage Credit Card ahs to offer. Also this is why we chose this card as the card to share with you here in this article instead of any of the others. Give the AAdvantage Credit Card a good look and see if this card could be also a great benefit for your lifestyle as well.